If You Have the Courage to Uncover What Messes with You, and Finally Build the Future You’re Capable of, You Need

Be Unmessablewith: The 90 Day Group Coaching Experience

“I have engaged in many personal and professional workshops and was very surprised how effective, results oriented and MAGICAL the ‘Unmessable’ method proved to be. Listening to Josselyne coach the other group members and myself each week, was educational, inspiring and propelled me to take specific actions toward my own dreams. 

“After each group session, I felt hopeful and energized. 

“The goals I set seemed truly impossible and unrealistic when we started — but I exceeded results for 2 of them and have already made significant progress on the 3rd!”

Jill Strickman

Founder & Director of Strategy at Genuine: The Real People Company

Picture your life 3 months from now. If you could change anything, what would it be?

Would you:

Stand on stage and captivate your audience (without the butterflies you’re feeling now?)

Get clarity on what’s working, what’s not, and see new pathways for action? 

Have consistent freedom, ease and joy in your life? (While multiplying your income, writing that book, starting a new business — or ending procrastination.) 

If you could, would you give yourself that chance? 

Or would you keep on repeating the same old habits, blind spots and behaviors that have got you here — but won’t get you there…

“After reading Josselyne’s books I knew she would add value to the expansion of our organization. We are now experiencing major momentum and we owe so much of that to what we learned in the Be UnMessablewith™ Group Coaching.”

Ever Miranda

SLS, Inc President, Business Leader

In this Small But Mighty 3-Month Program…

You’ll finally uncover the core of what messes with you. 

You’ll dismantle it. Dissolve it. 

And lift the lid on what’s holding you back.  

Bolstered by a like-minded community, ready to celebrate your success and watch you soar…

“Working with Josselyne in a group gave me the perspective of other participants and goal setting for not only in my personal life, but my business life as well. The groups were interactive, honest, and thought-provoking. 

“Josselyne's feedback to the group not only revealed the areas I was being messed with, but the areas my family and my colleagues were being messed with… Josselyne has taken my personal and professional life to new levels.”
Jason Lammer

CEO of Integrity Roofing

In Be Unmessablewith® You Will Get:


10 live 75 minute group coaching sessions with Josselyne


Private Whatsapp group chat. (If you wonder what it feels like to have a master coach on tap — well, this is it.)


Workbooks and worksheets that map-out results-driven action plans and make your dreams a tangible reality.


Recordings and transcripts of all sessions to rewatch whenever your Unmessablewith muscle needs strengthening.


Laser-sharp ‘Spotlight’ coaching with Josselyne, that dismantles what’s messing with you — so you can show up powerfully, whatever the circumstance.


Lifetime access to all materials (and discounts on future Unmessablewith programs.)

We start September 12th 2024. Are you in?

“Josselyne’s very good at getting at the core of what’s messing with you. There are certain things that I do over and over and over again — and I don't really understand why — and I'll have one call with her, and I'll get to the bottom of it. It'll be done.”

Blake Eastman

CEO, Non-Verbal Group