Clarifying Your Dreams
Live Zoom Session #1

Review the live coaching session or watch for the first time if you were not in attendance. Starts at approximately 9 minutes into the video unless you want to listen to some music.

Workbooks are also at the bottom of the page in case you want to wait until you have watched all the videos to download.

Who is Josselyne

A brief introduction.

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What we are out to accomplish

A summary of what we are out to create over the next 5 weeks together.

What is a foundation?

When you are reacting you are in the world of being messablewith.  When you are unmessablewith you are creating.  Being able to see which world you are in is critical to creating a foundation for being unmessablewith.

Context is decisive

A visual demonstration of what we mean by "the context is decisive"
While you may not have a say over some of the content in your life, you have total access to the context inside of which the content exists....lots of words right? that's why we have the video!

Dreams vs Goals

The difference between dreams and goals so you can begin to clarify yours!

What does it look like and by when?

Fleshing out what it would look like if you realized your dreams and creating by whens for your goals. This has them be real vs a someday one day phenomenon

Day to day "lifeness" TRAP

also known as, "Where has the magic gone?"

This will take DISCIPLINE and ACTION

When I say this will take discipline and action, most people are not exclaiming WOOHOOO HOORAY!

Like an muscle, if you are committed to building the muscle it takes consistent, disciplined action over time.

We have 5 weeks together to create something extraordinary, it will take something on your part.  You can do it! Let's do this together!

Reactor vs Creator

You may be a very effective person, very effective at reacting to what life throws at you.  Being a creator is very different and takes different muscles.......

Default Dreams

Where did your dreams come from?  Your parents? Your past? The media? Society? Let's look and see if you are following a default dream or one of your creation.

Being the CREATOR of your Dreams

Even if you fulfill a dream that you have by default, the satisfaction is fleeting and momentary.  Being the creator of your dreams allows a deep sense of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment that mostly eludes people when they are driven to accomplish something by default.