Integrity: Staying True to Yourself with Kelli Giddish

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My amazing guest this week is Kelli Giddish, known for her role in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, shares her journey as an actress and the challenges she faced in the industry. She emphasizes the importance of gratitude and appreciating the opportunities she has. Kelli discusses the rejection and false starts that come with being an actor and the need to keep going despite setbacks. She also talks about the significance of community and having a support system in the entertainment industry.

Kelli highlights the importance of integrity and staying true to oneself in making career decisions. She shares her vision for the future, including providing for her family and continuing to create and lead in the industry. The conversation explores the importance of creativity, satisfaction, and taking risks in life. It emphasizes the need to be in a state of creation and to constantly challenge oneself.

The concept of stimulation and vibrancy is discussed as a key aspect of living a fulfilling life. The conversation also touches on the significance of making promises to oneself and taking daily actions to manifest one’s vision. It concludes with the idea that being true to one’s word and designing one’s life leads to a sense of mastery and fulfillment.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Career Overview
  • 01:19 Gratitude and Appreciation
  • 10:48 Dealing with Rejection and False Starts
  • 23:14 Creating a Vision for the Future
  • 30:10 The Power of Creativity and Taking Risks
  • 31:00 Living in a State of Creation and Challenging Oneself
  • 32:27 Manifesting Your Vision through Promises and Daily Actions35:11 Designing Your Life for Mastery and Fulfillment

Kelli Giddish is known for playing Detective Amanda Rollins on the long-running show Law and Order SVU.  She also starred in (not long-running) Chase on NBC and Past Lives on Fox. She is a Georgia native who lives in New York City raising her family of three boys with her husband.  

Instagram: @kelligiddish


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