Shifting your relationship to money with Josselyne Herman-Saccio

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In this episode, Josselyne discusses people’s relationship with money and how it can affect their financial well-being. To gain power over your money, Josselyne suggests getting clear about the facts of your finances. She gives you the steps for creating a vision for your financial future and implementing systems and practices to achieve your goals. By understanding the reality of your money and taking intentional action, you can transform your relationship with money and improve your financial outcomes.

  • 00:00 Introduction: Money and People’s Relationship to It
  • 00:55 The Lens of Scarcity and Abundance
  • 03:17 Listing and Tracking Your Money
  • 04:11 Calculating Your Income and Debts
  • 05:06 Understanding Investments and Dividends
  • 06:02 Challenging Inherited Money Narratives
  • 07:01 Creating a Vision for Your Financial Life
  • 08:24 Implementing Systems and Practices
  • 09:52 Tracking and Evaluating Your Spending
  • 10:19 Focusing on the Facts and Impacting Your Relationship to Money
  • 11:16 Conclusion: Taking Action and Fulfilling Your Vision







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