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“When I saw Josselyne speak I was like, ‘Oh shit. She’s really good. Like, she’s better than me!’ I’ve never experienced that level of facilitation before. She’s very effective. I have a very, very, very, very high bar. And she passes that bar, easily.’

Blake Eastman

Founder & CEO, Non-Verbal Group

Most Requested Topics:

  • Human Resourc-ing vs Human Resources
  • Beating Burnout: Overwhelm is Optional
  • Being Unmessablewith® in the Face of Anything
  • Realizing Your Dreams NOW vs Someday
  • Staying Connected in a Virtual World
  • Motivating Your Sales Force
  • Engendering Teamwork and Performance
  • Clarifying Your Vision and Creating a Plan to Fulfill It

I’ve spoken for groups around the world in: 

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Therese Laurico, Founder and Event Producer, Socialight

“Josselyne rocked the stage! Her message, the way she delivers it, and engages with your audience… It’s truly remarkable!”

“Josselyne is by far one of the greatest coaches

and facilitators I have had the honor of working with.’

-Michelle Jeovanny Lopez, Founder/CEO and Inventor

Interesting Facts About Josselyne...

Josselyne Herman-Saccio is more than a coach; she's a catalyst for unprecedented success. Over three decades, she has transformed the lives of numerous high achievers, from renowned entrepreneurs to industry leaders. Her approach blends razor-sharp insight with a no-nonsense attitude, establishing her as a globally sought-after speaker and coach.

As the mastermind behind ‘The Art of Being Unmessablewith®' she delivers a unique mix of strategy, ontology, transformation and steadfast support. Her signature talks, including ‘Human Resourc-ing vs Human Resources’ and ‘Clarifying and Fulfilling Your Vision NOW Not Someday’, empower audiences to redefine their version of success.

Josselyne's career journey, from producing animated commercials or award winning-films, to chart-topping pop-stardom with Boy Krazy, or founding a non-profit, shows her diverse talent and passion. She stands out as a transformative educator and philanthropist, who influences both minds and communities.

Short Bio

From the moment Josselyne Herman-Saccio steps onto the stage, it’s clear she’s not just another coach. Before she mastered the art of transformation, Josselyne hit the charts with her pop group, ‘Boy Krazy’ and has produced award winning films that have captured hearts. 

In the words of her audience, Josselyne will ‘rock your stage’ and it’s hardly surprising. She’s been dwelling in the world of transformational workshops since she was 11, and grew up in an environment of music, film and entertainment. 

Now, as the creator of 'The Art of Being Unmessablewith®', she’s the secret weapon for high-performers looking to conquer new heights and step into their spotlight.

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