Taking Risks Pays Off with Lauren Francesca

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My amazing guest this week is Lauren Francesca, a YouTube superstar with over 2 billion views, she shares her journey from pre-med to social media phenomenon. She started creating her own content when she saw the potential of the internet and the freedom it offered. Lauren’s success came from taking risks, being consistent, and staying positive. She emphasizes the importance of having a vision and not getting caught up in perfection paralysis.

Lauren also discusses the challenges of managing relationships and asks for advice on how to reach out to people without coming off as desperate. I even coach Lauren LIVE on crafting emails that inspire and make people laugh. The conversation highlights the power of never giving up and staying positive in the face of adversity. 

00:00 Introduction: Lauren Francesca’s Background and Success

06:00 The Power of Consistency and Staying Positive

12:05 Never Giving Up and Staying Positive in the Face of Adversity

With over 2 billion views online, Lauren Francesca has been described by
Streaming Media as “a YouTube superstar.” Lauren’s has acted in have been featured on 20/20, Tosh.0, O’Reilly Factor, FOX News, TruTV’s Funniest Moments,
Comedy Central and more. Entertainment Weekly said Lauren’s “Lady Gaga
Telephone Parody,” was the “funniest Internet phenomenon of the moment.”
Lauren has over 2 million followers on Facebook and 3 million followers total.
Born and raised in Queens, New York, Lauren grew up in a family of award winning
Broadway performers. At New York Tech, she graduated Magma Cum Laude with
a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med Biology.
After college, Lauren focused on acting, studying improv at UCB. It quickly paid
off when Lauren was cast in the hit webseries, “The Key of Awesome.” This led to
her appearance on 20/20, a role in an FX pilot, and a national AT&T campaign.

As a producer, Lauren has helped produce digital projects that have been sold to,
BET, Comedy Central, and Stars. She has sold licensees for her viral video clips
all over the world.

Instagram: @iwantmylauren

Youtube: iwantmylauren

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