Upping Your Game: and Mastering AI with Joe Apfelbaum

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My amazing guest this week is Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union. I interviewed him about his journey in business and marketing. Joe shares how he learned the importance of strategy from watching his mother’s struggles in business and how he used strategy to build a successful company. He also emphasizes the value of self-education and the role it played in his personal and professional growth.

Joe discusses the power of building relationships and how it helped him overcome challenges and achieve success. He shares his insights on being unmessablewith in the face of difficulties and the importance of understanding and managing emotions. Finally, Joe talks about finding a greater mission and the impact he wants to make in the world. In this conversation, we discuss the importance of living with love and purpose, playing a bigger game, and expressing impact now.

We explore the concept of fear and how it can hold people back from taking action. We also emphasize the need to ignore the opinions of others and define your own worth. The conversation highlights the importance of being Unmessablewith with negative feedback and learning from failure. We discuss the power of upgrading your game, investing in coaching and support, and taking consistent action. Finally, we touch on the benefits of automation and AI in business and the secret to living a fulfilling life through giving.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 02:22 The Power of Strategy
  • 05:40 The Importance of Self-Education
  • 06:37 Building Relationships for Success
  • 08:17 Being Unmessablewith in the Face of Challenges
  • 13:20 Shifting from Survival Mode to Fulfilling Your Vision
  • 16:02 Understanding and Managing Emotions
  • 20:07 Finding a Greater Mission
  • 21:06 Living with Love and Purpose
  • 22:00 Playing a Bigger Game
  • 23:05 Expressing Impact Now
  • 24:25 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action
  • 25:12 Defining Your Own Worth
  • 26:02 Ignoring the Opinions of Others
  • 28:30 Fear and False Evidence
  • 29:24 Being Unmessablewith
  • 30:17 Fear as an Obstacle
  • 31:06 Dealing with Negative Feedback
  • 32:37 Learning from Failure
  • 34:36 Separating Failure from Self-Worth
  • 35:19 Upgrading Your Game
  • 36:10 Investing in Coaching and Support37:23 Taking Consistent Action
  • 38:22 The Power of Automation and AI
  • 41:36 The Secret to Living is Giving

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, AI consultant, and certified Google trainer. Joe is the author of five books, and his latest release is called High Energy Marketing. When he is not ‘Motivating’ entrepreneurs at events and on LinkedIn he enjoys his time with his 5 kids.

Instagram: @joeapfelbaum

Facebook: joeapfelbaum

LinkedIn: joeapfelbaum

Twitter: joeapfelbaum


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